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The world pharmaceutical raw materials (Japan) exhibition (CPhI Japan 2016).

    The world pharmaceutical raw materials (Japan) exhibition (CPhI Japan 2016) exhibition in 2016, held in Tokyo on April 20th to 22th, the exhibition held annually since 2002, It’s one of the global pharmaceutical raw materials series of exhibitions and Japan's largest international pharmaceutical raw materials exhibition.
    The 14th world pharmaceutical raw materials (Japan) exhibition was a great success in 2015, There are  500 companies in 27 countries and regions of the world exhibition, audience is  over 16000 people, more than 15997 people in 2014.Visitors come from more than 30 countries and regions, such as China, Italy, South Korea, India, Britain and other countries and regions in the majority of exhibitors.
    Japan is the world's second largest pharmaceutical raw materials market, accounting for 15% of the total cost of the prescription drug market in the world. In order to further develop the Asian market and increase our country export, CPHI could help us make Chinese the pharmaceutical raw materials enterprises i has more opportunities to enter the international market.
By attending CPhI fair in Japan in 2016,We have a great cognitions of the Japanese market and has achieved a major breakthrough in the Japanese market promotion.





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